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Pre-Registration Requirements Checklist

Please complete the items below by their scheduled due dates.

Additionally, before you arrive on campus please review the information included in the left hand navigation: Tuition Billing/Payment, Reading Lists, Drama 50, Drama 6 Exemption Exam, Housing, International Students, and Healthcare.

  Due As Soon As Possible  

Activate your Yale Account with your Yale NETID

  Due  May 31   Apply for your Yale ID Card online via ID Center (
  Due  May 31  

Submit Connecticut State Required Yale Health Forms for new Graduate and Professional Students 

(Immunization: Frequently Asked Questions)

  Due  June 1   Read Work Study:Jobs Brochure and submit Work Study Questionnaire
  Due  June 1   INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ONLY: Submit International Student Financial Certification Form


  Employment Forms    Begin Preparing Required Employment Forms for Working at Yale (Starting July 1)
  Due  August 22  

Complete Alcohol Awareness Online Training (Available Starting July 1)

  Due  August 22  

Complete Driver Safety Awareness Training (Available Starting July 1)

Email a .pdf copy of your Certificates of Completion for BOTH trainings to

  Due  August 22   TECHNICAL INTERNS ONLY:  Review Health Insurance Options for Technical Interns
      SPECIAL STUDENTS AND SPECIAL RESEARCH FELLOWS ONLY:   Review Health Insurance Options for Special Students and Special Research Fellows
  Due  August 22  

All YSD Students are required to provide their own protective work gloves and protective footwearPurchase Personal Protective Required Equipment. Click here for list. 


Update your Yale Student Information System (SIS) account with required information:

  • THREE (3) current EMERGENCY CONTACTS address and phone
  • current BILLING address and phone
  • current MAILING address and phone

Please insert your CELL/MOBILE PHONE NUMBER where indicated.  

Review your Biographical data and other information for accuracy.