Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group (EDIWG)

What is the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group?
The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group (EDIWG) was created in April 2016 following a community-wide meeting where over 100 YSD members including faculty, staff, and students engaged in a discussion about issues raised by students, related to equity, diversity, and inclusion at the Yale School of Drama. The EDIWG membership consists of the four YSD Deans and a mix of students, staff, and faculty members. The overarching focus of the group is to support and promote the development of a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive YSD/YRT community. Central to the group’s process is the formation of smaller action groups which meet outside of the monthly meeting to work on specific projects and/or ideas. Meetings are facilitated by Associate Dean Chantal Rodriguez, and a team of rotating co-facilitators from within the group. 

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When are the EDIWG meetings?
The group holds a two-hour meeting each month, in addition to its ongoing work online. 

The meetings for the 2020-21 year will be announced shortly. 

Who can attend EDIWG meetings?
EDIWG meetings are open to all YSD/YRT community members. As a way of encouraging participation and lowering barriers to attendance, the School has set aside two hours each month during which YSD/YRT rehearsals and work study calls begin after the EDIWG meeting.  

How are new members invited to join the group? 
The EDIWG adopted an open membership model in April 2017. This model is fluid and open to change given the needs of the group and the levels of participation from the broader community. In recognition of the work involved, and as a measure of equitability, student members are paid work study hours for time spent in EDIWG meetings. The process of becoming a member of the group via open membership is as follows:

  • After someone has attended three (3) EDIWG meetings (within one semester), they will be contacted by the group facilitator and asked if they are interested in becoming a full member of the group. The expectations of membership will be reviewed and if the person agrees, they will become a member. (*partial attendance at a meeting does not count towards one of the three meetings, three full meetings must be attended before membership is discussed*)
  • Work study for students will begin once they are a formal member of the group. The initial 3 meetings will not be counted retroactively.
  • A note about demographics and representation in the group – the group will be collectively responsible for continued outreach to underrepresented groups in the EDIWG with the goal of bringing their voices and perspectives to the group via attendance at events, participation in action groups and attendance at full meetings

What is expected of EDIWG members?
All EDIWG members are expected to attend all meetings (if they are unable to attend they should email the facilitator in advance of the meeting so we can know if we will be able to reach a quorum)

  • All EDIWG members are expected to participate in at least 1-2 action groups per year
  • It is recommended that no one serve on more than 2-3 action groups at a time
  • EDIWG members are expected to take an active role in facilitation of either the full meeting or in an action group, at least once per year
  • EDIWG members will participate in the group’s consensus decision-making model
  • EDWIG members communicate via basecamp and email outside of full meetings


Working Group Membership & Contact Information:

Chantal Rodriguez – chantal.rodriguez@yale.edu (permanent co-facilitator)
James Bundy – james.bundy@yale.edu
Florie Seery – florie.seery@yale.edu
Kelvin Dinkins, Jr. - kelvin.dinkins@yale.edu

Liz Diamond – elizabeth.diamond@yale.edu
Matthew Suttor – matthew.suttor@yale.edu
Matt Welander – matthew.welander@yale.edu
Anna Glover - anna.glover@yale.edu  
Shaminda Amarakoon - shaminda.amarakoon@yale.edu


Madeline Charne - madeline.charne@yale.edu
Danilo Gambini - danilo.gambini@yale.edu
Markie Gray - markie.gray@yale.edu
April Hickman - april.hickman@yale.edu
Ben Jones - ben.jones@yale.edu
Noel Nichols - noel.nichols@yale.edu
Eliza Orleans - eliza.orleans@yale.edu
Laurie Ortega-Murphy - laurie.ortega-murphy@yale.edu
Rajiv Shah - rajiv.shah@yale.edu
Mike VanAartsen -mike.vanaartsen@yale.edu
Alex Vermillion - alex.vermillion@yale.edu
Jessy Yates - jessy.yates@yale.edu
Yuhan Zhang - yuhan.zhang.yz797@yale.edu

Current Action Groups & Members

  • Accessibility: Daniel Cress (facilitator), Anna Glover, Matthew Suttor, Madeline Charne, Alex Vermillion, Laura Kirk
  • Cultural Assessment: Kelvin Dinkins, Jr. (facilitator), Florie Seery, Eliza Orleans, Estefani Castro


EDIWG Meeting Minutes & Agendas


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