Yale School of Drama Student Government

Yale School of Drama Student Government (SDSG) (sdsg@yale.edu) strives to enhance the educational experience of each student by being a forum for students' ideas and concerns and acting as a liaison betwen students and the faculty and administration; and by promoting education and social activities that help foster a strong sense of community within the School of Drama.

Spring 2017 SDSG Officers and Representatives

Co-Chair Latiana (LT) Gourzong
Co-Chair Shelby North
Treasurer Al Heartley
Secretary Parliamentarian Lisa Richardson
Communication Co-Chair Cole McCarty
Communication Co-Chair Sophie Seigel-Warren
Communication Co-Chair Aneesha Kudtarkar
International Student Chair Megumi Katayama

All Representatives

Position Title
General Representative Molly FitzMaurice
General Representative Al Heartley
General Representative Cole McCarty
General Representative Sarah Thompson
Acting Representative Patrick Foley
Directing Representative Aneesha Kudtarkar
Playwriting Representative Alex Lubischer
Design Representative Mika Eubanks
Sound Design Representat Megumi Katayama
Dramaturgy Representative Sophie Siegel-Warren
Stage Management Representative Shelby North
Theatre Management Representative Lisa Richardson
TD&P Representative Latiana (LT) Gourzong