YSD Party Policy

Yale School of Drama values the important community building that occurs at social gatherings and parties. It is understood that all YSD events are conducted in the spirit of inclusivity and are in line with the School’s values. In recognition of YSD’s duty of care to all of those attending a YSD party, these guidelines have been created to ensure that party organizers are aware of all the preparations necessary for a safe event. 

The following procedures apply to any gathering or party held in one of the YSD buildings on the Yale University campus. A party is defined as any gathering of more than 5 people. Impromptu gatherings will be held to the same standards. 

A named, competent person, is to be responsible during all hours of the party. A competent person is expected to do the following: 

  • Be able to give first aid or organize a first aid response.
  • Ensure attendance is limited to agreed numbers
  • Ensure the event ends on time and that the building is left secure
  • Ensure any incidents are reported and dealt with correctly
  • Ensure the event runs safely
  • Remains sober and in control 

An application must be submitted 3 weeks in advance. 

LOCATION: Locations must be arranged and reserved in Spacebook in advance. The space must be accessible and appropriate for the number of people and the set up. The Cabaret, the Kondolean Studio, the August Wilson Lounge, and the Ex Lounge are the most popular accessible locations for all-school parties. Other accessible locations may be considered. Organizers should avoid spaces that are actively in rehearsal and refer to the production calendar for potential conflicts. If the Kondolean Studio is proposed, ensure the Organizer(s) have coordinated its use with the Associate Head of Production, in addition to the space request via Spacebook.

HOURS: Convenient & inclusive times for parties are 10:00pm until 1:00am; clean-up will be from 1:00am until 2:00am. The building in which the party is held, must be empty and secured by 2:00am. 

ATTENDANCE: Drama School students, faculty and staff, and their invited guests only. Non-YSD guest names must be submitted in advance of the party to party organizers. Guest list must be tracked and submitted to Associate Dean and Director of Theater Safety and Occupational Health following the party. 

CAPACITY: For the Rep lounge, 350 people is the maximum. Capacity for other YSD spaces will be determined for each use. 

SECURITY: CSSO’s will be hired to provide security for the party. CSSO’s can be delegated some of the responsibilities of the competent person (i.e. First aid and building security). Yale Police will be notified of the event and may be hired as additional security personnel as necessary. Once the event form is submitted, Shane Quinn will book the CSSO for the party. 

FINANCES: The Organizer(s) is (are) expected to control expenses within the allocated amount, determined by SDSG. 

PRIVATE EVENTS: YSD rooms may not be used for private events such as birthday parties, weddings, etc. 


  1. A set-up and clean-up crew must be designated. 
  2. A person will be assigned to monitor the main entry to the party location and to verify the identity of those arriving. One door should be assigned as an entry so that access is monitored. Wrists bands should be used to ID party goers. No unauthorized people should be allowed to come into the party.
  3. Additional security concerns may require the hiring of Yale Police for the Party.  This expense must be paid for by the party’s budget.
  4. The party budget will be charged if the party clean-up results in any expenses to the Drama School due to custodial labor costs. (The typical post-party clean-up done by custodial Services is usually done within their daily schedule. Excessive cleaning or tight production schedules may result in charges for custodial labor; these charges will be passed on to the party’s budget.)
  5. The Competent Person, with assistance from the CSSO, will make sure the party ends on time and will inspect and secure the building as the last person out of the building at 2:00 am.
  6. If alcohol is to be served, everyone attending the party must have their ID checked at the door for proof of age. No one under age 21 will be permitted to attend. Snacks and food must be provided as well as non-alcoholic beverages and access to water. [For Field Day and other family friendly events, attendees under 21 will be permitted]
  7. Party organizers should review Bystander Intervention techniques as part of the event planning:  http://cce.yalecollege.yale.edu/sites/default/files/bystanderintervention_brochure_color_4.pdf
  8. It is the responsibility of the party organizers to monitor people leaving the party to make sure that they can get home on their own, and to make sure that people leaving the party have a plan for getting home safely.
  9. The lighting, scenery, and décor to be installed in any YSD/YRT facility must comply with applicable fire and building codes. Party organizers are responsible for inspecting the space for any potential hazards (i.e. tripping or overhead clearance) and marking them appropriately. The use of any items that have a naked flame or source of ignition such as candles are not allowed. Exits, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency lighting, and smoke detectors cannot be blocked. Refer any questions related to fire code and building use issues to Director of Theater Safety & Occupational Health, at least 2-weeks in advance of the event.
  10. A person must be identified to be responsible for the use of any lighting, sound, and projection equipment borrowed or used for the party, including equipment already installed in the room of the event. This person must contact Don Titus, Mike Backhaus, or Erich Bolton, respectively, at least one week in advance of setup with any requests. The party organizers are responsible for the appropriate use and safe return of all gear in good, working order.
  11. It is the responsibility of the party organizers to ensure that anyone who has an accident at the party receives the appropriate medical attention and is either seen safely home or accompanied to hospital.


Grill use

If using the SDSG grill, contact SDSG representatives and follow the below guidelines:

  • Notify the Director of Theater Safety & Occupational Health
  • Notify Yale Fire Code Compliance Staff and Yale Police of the event.
  • Contact the Cabaret Production Manager for the “fire watch, fire extinguisher”, from the Cabaret. It needs to be placed near the grill and someone needs to be assigned to the grill the entire time it is ON and hot.
    • Charcoal grill: make sure to douse the coals at the end and ensure that they are cold before leaving. Only use self-lighting charcoal.  

Bounce House

Bounce House usage is determined by SDSG, and is typically only used for SDSG Field Day.

If using the SDSG Bounce house, follow the below guidelines:

Limit the number & monitor the age of those inside. The manufacturer may have an age range, capacity (number), or weight limit posted on a tag or on the side of the house.  

We recommend that bounce houses are limited to children. Children and adults should not bounce at the same time unless the adult is supervising a young child. 

Some children might be too young or small to use bounce houses. 

  1. Still crawling - Small children who are unable to stand or even walk a few feet on their own are at higher risk for being injured. In addition, the risk rapidly increases if they are the youngest children in the bounce house. Older children might play too roughly and cause injuries to younger ones. 
  2. Adult dependence - Sometimes bounce houses might become too crowded with children for adult supervision to take place inside. If a child is too young and unable to fend for themselves, this also poses a higher injury risk. Most bounce houses will restrict children under age three.



  1. To submit the Event Request Form, enter your name below and verify that you have read and agree to this party policy. Verify that the space you would like to use is available through Spacebook. (While you should reserve the space as soon as possible, the event will not be confirmed until the Request Form has been approved)
  2. The event form must include specifics related to each of the items noted above, and any other pertinent information/issues.
  3. The form will be reviewed, approved and returned with any changes to the Organizer(s) at least 2 weeks before the party. Final approval will be given by Associate Dean.
  4. Security & safety issues will be coordinated through the Director of Theater Safety & Occupational Health. A tour of the venue must be coordinated with the Director of Theater Safety & Occupational Health one week prior to the event.
  5. The organizer(s) must make sure that all aspects of clean up and cleaning are completed.
  6. Party organizers will email a report to the Associate Dean and Director of Theater Safety & Occupational Health following the party which will include the tracked guest list, and confirming that the event went smoothly or to discuss any accidents, injuries, or concerns.
  7. If the party is located within 217 Park Street, you must notify both Stephen Davis, the Head of Pierson College, stephen.davis@yale.edu, and Riché Barnes riche.barnes@yale.edu, the Dean of Pierson College in advance of the party, so they are aware it's happening.  Give them the cell phone number of the person attending and monitoring so that they can call if there are noise complaints from their students during the party. Copy nadir.balin@yale.edu in this email. 
You must enter your name and click the submit button to verify that you have read the Party Policy, and to access the Event Application Form